Unused pixel-scale panel icons

Published: Apr 20, 2022
Reading time: 1 min
Tags: Linux, Snippets

These are mainly based around Siji/Stlarch with a couple of additional icons. As Siji hasn’t been updated since 2019 and I hate having a folder with unused items in it, I’ve decided to post them here.

A while back I designed a bit of a Gnome/BSPWM hybrid that predictably never saw the light of day. Instead of the usual text centric panel I’d decided on icons that would change colour to indicate what was going on, and panes could be clicked for additional details when required.

Desktops Downloads Floating Layout Mail Max Layout Memory Mounts Music Notes RSS Search System Tile Bottom Layout Tile Left Layout Tile Right Layout Tile Top Layout Time Updates Volume Weather

In order, you have Desktops, Downloads, Floating layout, Mail, Max layout, Memory, Mounts, Music, Notes, RSS, Search, System, Tile bottom layout, Tile left layout, Tile right layout, Tile top layout, Time, Updates, Volume and lastly, Weather.