Vended cups

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In the break room at college we had a water cooler and a hot drinks vending machine, as the water cooler was free we inevitably used up all the disposable cups while the vending machine was left relatively untouched.

We discovered one morning you could reach up into the vending machine and pull out the cups that the machine dispensed, then use those for water.

We had a hapless and somewhat autistic student in this college who one morning decided to try and vend a hot chocolate. He inserted his money, pressed the option, and the vending machine which was now left sans-cups just poured hot chocolate straight into the machines drain.

The student was absolutely furious with this and started bawling his eyes out as the rest of us mercilles students just laughed at his misfortune.

The colleges’ administrator came up to see what all the racket was about and proceeded to give us all a bollocking for ‘damaging’ the machine and wasting food.

One of our cockier students retorted that if there were sufficient cups for the water, we wouldn’t have had to resort to stealing from the other machine