Untitled Archive Dream 86

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I was staying at one of my friends houses in the countryside, surrounded by fields, drystone walls and distant farmhouses. We were also in a hard rock band but that doesn’t seem important.

We went outside and played catch with his dog, a large, dopey border colie. As we continued playing and getting further away from the house, a number of other dogs and a single cat (that wanted to be part of the pack, and had been accepted after learning to make a strange woofing like meow noise) came to us and we were all playing together.

Suddenly a police helicopter appeared, shining it’s bright spotlight down on us and the animals. Some of the dogs ran, and we decided to run away as well. My friends stupid dog just stood there so he picked it up and wanted to run back to the house. I said to him “Do you have any idea how stupid that is?” and he put the dog down and it eventually started following us.

Back at my friends farmhouse it was getting late, so we agreed to go to sleep. My friend started playing music from his room and his dad came up to ask him to turn it down as he was also trying to sleep.

In my room checking myself in the mirror to see if I was okay, then started getting changed for bed when somebody knocked on the door. I jumped under the duvet and asked the person to come in. It was my friends dad who was putting freshly cleaned clothes in a dresser, who had a young girl following him. We spoke for a little while, laughing about ‘fundies’ which were a combination of sleeping shorts and underwear.