Untitled Archive Dream 83

Reading time: 2 min

Me, my sister, mother and father were going on holiday to America where we’d be staying in a large futuristic hotel. We had a lot of individual activities planned and soon split up to do this.

On meeting back up in the evening, my sister was a completely different person. I took my parents to one side to ask them about this but they didn’t seem to notice, or care. I was wary, but decided to go along as usual.

It was now late evening, so I went outside onto a balcony to chill a little before going to bed. The front face of the building was similar to the house from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air with white marble columns.

A co-worker was also staying in the hotel and I saw her leaning out of one of the windows on the ground floor to plant a tree sapling in some freshly tilled soil outside. As the hotel was on a raised mount, the sapling wasn’t planted deeply enough and rolled down the small hill. Noticing I’d seen this she said “Don’t laugh at me, it’s not funny!”.

Back with my family inside, I tried telling them about a dream I’d had earlier while sleeping at the hotel but they kept interrupting me to explain their own (identical to mine) dreams.