Untitled Archive Dream 75

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I’m at high school and the year end tests are coming up, and if you fail them you’re executed.

I was getting changed from casual clothing into my school uniform in a bathroom stall that uses a squat toilet. During this process of getting changed I somehow lose my shirt, tie and trousers and try to ask an exam invigilator for help, but the bathroom had already been sealed as the exam is about to begin.

The way how the bathroom was sealed is to write “Do Re Mi Fa So” on the door. After wandering around the bathroom I eventually find clothes that look like mine, but when I put them on they’re much too large, but I wear them anyway.

I’m able to leave the bathroom and walk over to a group of queueing students about to enter the exam room but then start having visions about students around the world being killed in strange ways if they fail.