Untitled Archive Dream 74

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Every year there’s a mandatory fun-run type marathon event. After completing the run you get a rest of the day off to do as you please.

I had completed the run and was on my way home on a mopoed when I saw two people I knew from my high school being kicked out of a tax on the way back.

I invited them around to my house as we were nearby which they agreed to and offered to call them another taxi which they refused and then started wandering around outside the house.

I locked the exterior doors of the house without issue and tried to remotely close the garage door but they’d damaged the mechanism which prevented it from closing.

After asking them to leave they phoned the police to taunt them then stole a motorbike and an Audi SUV from the garage.

I went towards my parents room to get a better view of the garage to see what was happening, turned on the light and found a large tiger asleep in my parents bed.