Untitled Archive Dream 68

Reading time: 2 min

I was at a friends house with his brother and brothers girlfriend where we’d decided to take a low dose of LSD.

The house was a large multi-floored tree house built into an enormous tree.

The trip had barely started when my friend started to act irratically, climbing down from the treehouse to get a drink from a nearby building but halfway down jumped, pulling off a combat roll at the bottom.

Inside the nearby building he had an argument with his parents, as he was climbing back up into the treehouse his father said to me “Make sure he’s okay will you”. I nodded and he went back inside the house.

As he got back to the top of the treehouse (around 8 metres high) he turned around and leapt off the top and tried to combat roll from this greater height but landed badly. I yelled out “No!” as I knew it was too high to roll from.

As I started climbing down to see if he was okay, he was already back on his feet, climbing back up the branches saying he was going to jump again. We both met at the top, he was laying on his back breathing heavily and rolled himself off the edge falling headfirst onto the ground.

I climbed down to check on him and used my phone as a torch, but there was already a large pool of blood around his head.