Untitled Archive Dream 62

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One of my friends was staying over at my house, he’d requested that we drink some wine instead of the usual beer. I had none in but it wasn’t especially late so I said I’d go out to pick some up.

I walked to a local off-licence that sold jigword puzzle books and bought two bottles of wine. The wine bottles looked cracked and damaged and proudly said they were made from 100% recycled glass.

On my way back I saw two girls that were slightly younger than me. One avoided me by walking on the other side of the road but the other I walked and talked with on my way home.

I told the girl who was walking with me that her friend had made a bad decision by walking on the other side of the road as after a fork it went to an industrial estate. She ignored this as it was apparently a short cut. About half way up the hill, the girl who’d walked through the industrial estate climed over the wall ahead of us and started complaining that we hadn’t waited for her and how steep the hill was.

When we reached the top of the hill a womens only driving instructor stopped by us. There was a sad looking Mexican man in the back of the car. There weren’t enough seats in the car so I just ran alongside it extremely quickly, overtaking many cars.

When I finally got home, I put my bag down on a table, crushing my sunglasses with the weight of the wine bottles. My friend was no longer there, but my aunt and uncle were laughing and joking, I talked to them for a while then decided to go to bed.