Untitled Archive Dream 61

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I was driving through a set of crossroads on the way to work, there were a lot of people milling around the crossroads, standing around and arguing. Straight ahead an argument between two chavs had broken out into a fist fight.

They rumbled towards my stationary car and I started yelling at them to keep away as the traffic lights changed and I started to move past them.

Shortly after my car stalled and wouldn’t start again. I got out and started pushing it knowing that if I could push it to the brow of a hill, I could free wheel it all the way to my home town before it was rush hour.

For some reason, my car changed into a bike and I was pushing this along a canal tow path instead of the hill. A girl was riding her bike towards me and I can hear voices of people talking on a parallel canal 10 metres away from me.