Untitled Archive Dream 56

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I was in a team who would look for illegal fishing nets and lines on yachts moored in marinas, there was a bit of a glam 80’s vibe going on.

The people aboard the boats would try to bribe us to stop confiscating their illegally caught fish.

One fishing yacht we found used neon green fishing line and large circular nets on black handles which were ornately decorated with pieces of silver.

During our investigation with my boss the owner turned up and attempted to bribe us. I laughed at him, knowing my strict boss wouldn’t accept a bribe, no matter the amount.

When I learnt the boat was worth a hundred million the music being played aboard the boat and the dream abruptly changed to where we were sailing in the open ocean while a documentary voiceover explained the fishing, bribes, inflation and that the boats' previous owner was in fact the lead singer of Jethro Tull.