Untitled Archive Dream 50

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Two of my cousins came around to my hosue to go winter shopping, a school friend of mine also tagged along.

While in a coffee shop my school friend ordered a coffee with a flake in the top, and as he was about to pick it off the counter I stole the flake, only afterwards seeing that it had been a dick move. The waitress had a go at me before she and my friend exchanged knowing glances and went upstairs in the coffee shop store room to have sex.

I waited outside, telling my cousins we’d meet back here later. Time kept on looping and I was sat on a red couch ouside a sofa shop opposite the coffee shop when a guy sat down next to me and asked if I was talking to the couch, implying I was crazy. My school friend turned up, confirmed he existed to me and then we left the guy on the couch.