Untitled Archive Dream 38

Reading time: 2 min

A long and stranger than usual overarching dream involving far-right politics, air rifles, murder, backstabbing, VR games and capitalists.

We’d owned a company that was doing very well but a government imposed war economy brought the whole company to it’s knees. At the end of the dream we all agreed to go back to our roots in an effort to save the company.

Meanwhile I was at a large right wind sympathisers house who had amassed a large collection of ‘UK Legal’ weaons like air rifles and blades of all sorts.

Some guy had made multiple attempts on the house using at first an air rifle then storming the house with a revolver in each hand while my friend was upstairs.

I managed to get both revolvers away from him but he was cutting at my hands and arms in the process with a piece of ceramic from a broken plate.

For whatever reason we agreed to fight with two kitchen knives that were fairly study albeit serrated and sharp. I slashed away numerous times and he agreed I had won so asked me to end it but warned me I shouldn’t trust my friend who was stood behind me.

I broke off the handle to one knife in his neck but my friend came after me with another larger knife trying to get the handle from me. I ran to a car outside but it wouldn’t start so I laid low in the drivers seat and logged out of the game into the capitalist world to save my company.