Untitled Archive Dream 32

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At work, I offered to help a new company called ‘Reggule’ that was in the process of moving in move some boxes around. While working, they asked me about a new phone system.

We were working in a modern tower building in a city in the United States with a cinema at the top of the building as the owner was an eccentric movie buff.

I stayed for the intro video of the company but during this an earthquake hit and I was oblivious to it, even though this was recorded as ‘the big one’.

After this earthquake most cars were no longer working so I took an employee back to her house in my car and after dropping her off offered to get some water for her from a shop at the end of the road but nobody from her household agreed to come with me. She was living in a tent in her conservatory that had a covering that would just keep on stretching and friendly neighbours were bringing around support rods to extend it out further and further. She told me that she was a propper and warned us not to mess about with her ‘prep stuff’.

My car was still working at this point but was very flaky when it came to starting. I went into the city to the tower where I worked for some reason and got lost on a loop of flooring that repeated itself like an Escher painting.

After I was done there I tried to drive away but my car wouldn’t start. I left it and just sat behind the steering wheel and it silently tried to pull forward on it’s own after it had started itself. Kids were playing in the streets at dusk and ran alongside my car as I drove by them.