Untitled Archive Dream 24

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Me and my friend were in the Packhorse centre in Huddersfield near some brand new fully enclosed arcade pod type devices.

One of the pods opened up, hissing and releasing air when out steps another one of my friends dads . As he emerged from the pod, a little tipsily he started threatening my friend, poking him in the chest and warning him to stay away from the pods before trying to return to the one he just left which now has a girl in it who begins stoking his chest as he sits back down in the chair.

Meanwhile, another friend from school appears as we’re leaving and is aggressive towards me. I end up pushing him bawkwards into a metal door frame and he punches me and I get a bloody nose, but in the struggle he gets my blood on his face.

The pods are designed to be at a 45° incline and have a logo like 600 on the sides of them.