Untitled Archive Dream 21

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There was a large metal portakcabin in an underground cave that you had to spend time in to be considered ‘The Best Jew’. there were other tests but nearly everybody that tried this test failed it.

I was called out as I had failed it after about a minute. Thinking that the test was somehow unfair, I spoke with a military general type person who told me that the test was about judging whether people were worthy to wield the ‘Ultimate Jewish Armour’ to fight ‘The Final Battle’. Not being worthy, I was given a sword with handles on both ends which I figured I could still make into a usable sword.

I returned to my home in a large modern city that surrounded a castle on a hill where the mayor named Reggie lived. People outside has gathered outside the castle as the city was never really in danger as the mayor had written a book detailing the past of the city which explained he wasn’t wanting to ‘risk anything’.

To combat the uprising people he summoned over ten colour co-ordinated dragons and raised the height of the castle by magically chaninging the composition of the foundations which people were opposed to.

The dragons were destroying the city and I tried defending it with my sword but it broke in the process.

There was an underwater ferris wheel type ride where 2 dragons were caught mid-attack so the ride operator drowned them by resetting the dial on the rides' access panel killing many of the riders in the process.