Untitled Archive Dream 2

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I was in the car park at work before work started, our usual phone system installer had been called from an install due to being pulled over by the police.

He was escorted back to the office with the police and instructed us that the police wanted to check over everything, to such a level that it was almost harassment.

I was escorted to my car in the car park where I showed the police officer my drivers licence and he was asking why I didn’t have my passport with me, only my licence. He also ate some of a flapjack I was eating.

As he was sat on the passengers seat collating details and writing things down he moved over and sat in the drivers seat. As I wedged my foot in the door to prevent it from closing, he turned on the engine, moved the car forward then put it into reverse before driving it at slow speed into the wall.

I was outraged and stood in front of the car to prevent it moving any further.