Untitled Dream 37

Published: Jan 10, 2021
Reading time: 2 min

I was in an underground bunker complex in Australia after a catastrophic event has happened. I had a wife and when the call went out to evacuate we rushed to the complexes entrance and down a long metal staircase until we were in a packed prison like room filled with other survivors. A fight broke out and many of the other survivors died in the struggle including my wife.

Eventually after a long period I was the only person left, surviving eating frozen meals that everyone else had turned down. I was exploring dark, muddy and cramped tunnels that had been dug by the other survivors. The space was so small you had to crawl around on your belly to get around.

I had a companion with me, the robotic caretaker of the complex who was beginning to glitch and break down as he was operating well beyond his operational lifespan. The surface was also habitable but I didn’t go up there often as we were being stalked by another complexes caretaker who had gone rogue and was a homicidal maniac. We’d tried to kill him in the past when he was only slightly insane by swinging an axe into his skull but it had just made him crazier. He broke into my complex through a tunnel I wasn’t aware of and killed the caretaker.