Untitled Dream 36

Published: Jan 2, 2021
Reading time: 1 min

I was in the United States walking across a large golf course in glorious sunshine surrounded by tall evergreen trees when I picked up a discarded club on the ground and walked towards a fishing hut near a lake where you could rent equipment.

I tried returning the club for it’s deposit value of £35 which wasn’t going well. The owner would ramble and try to convince me to rent a fishing rod to try fishing on the lake instead.

I eventually went on the lake in a row boat with a rented rod and the fisherman ended up catching a fish and was explaining how well his custom hooks worked.

He then remarked about how fast a young girl on our boat could row so we had a race about 6 of us to a boat but my paddle got caught in the water and I ended up losing it, and the race.