Untitled Dream 32

Published: Nov 28, 2020
Reading time: 1 min

I was at my parents house on an evening talking with my mother, we were listening to a classic rock station, either absolute radio or planet rock while having a chat.

One of the presenters, a famous Gothic rock star who looked like Peter Steele started explaining a story where he had unresolved beef with one of my friends I met online and wanted to solve this one and for all. I rang my friend and explained the situation and asked him to call the station which he tried but couldn’t get through.

Later in the evening my mother had planned on us making a curry together but she’d had a couple of drinks and now couldn’t be bothered and wanted a takeaway instead. She was following me around the house saying that she “just wanted to eat a banshu curry”.

During this, the radio presenter continually lied about my friends involvement and any attempts to resolve the situation.