Untitled Dream 31

Published: Sep 12, 2020
Reading time: 1 min

I was working for a telecoms company in a large prestigious hotel, they already had in one of our larger phone systems which they were happy with and were only really in the hotel to use it as a meeting room.

A number of various staff members were there to cook and serve as waiters in a small pokey room high up in the old hotel building that required walking up and down steep flights of stairs to get to. Our boss was an older Indian woman similar to Malory Archer. After the meeting had concluded the hotel owner, a short old Indian man was absolutely furious with us for some unknown reason. We all had a meeting in this pokey room and our boss revealed she was looking to buy the hotel after explaining her history and how much she respected what he had done to develop and run the hotel but gave him a ridiculously low offer of a few million pounds. There was a lot of hurried talking between the company members before the hotel owner yelled at us to leave.

We all hurriedly left and entered a train station that was a just a street away and went our separate ways.