Untitled Dream 30

Published: Sep 4, 2020
Reading time: 1 min

I was a soldier in fatigues from a defacto western power fighting a war with tribal people in tropical pacific islands. They’d been attacked with nuclear weapons in the past but had found ways to harvest and propagate the radiation into minerals and fertilizer to help their crops grow.

Whenever we would land on the island they would attack us on site and throw spears at us carved entirely from single pieces of wood. They also had large wooden boats with multiple floors where they lived while not working the land. My squad Commander was a friend from high school and died during a scouting mission. I boarded one of these boats trying to escape and managed to speak to one of the sailors aboard, who intended to turn me in but didn’t when he learned I had no plans to hurt him and just wanted to build my own wooden boat up return home but he refused to help.

I left the boat and tried to gather wood from trees surrounding fields but the locals saw me and chased me deeper into the islands interiors where I was eventually captured.