Untitled Dream 29

Published: Aug 26, 2020
Reading time: 1 min

I was in Japan, playing a Takeshi’s Castle type game with 50 other westerners from all over Europe and northern America against 50 Japanese people.

We were sat in groups of 5 and being asked to answer general knowledge questions in Japanese that we had no idea about and were hopelessly guessing. After a total of 50 questions were asked there was an intermission, during which I boarded the plane that had brought the western group to Japan.

Aboard this plane there was a Japanese air hostess wearing a purple swimsuit who couldn’t speak English and I was asking for a pencil and paper to write down the questions so I could look them up later.

I eventually got some writing materials but my writing was incredibly disjointed and fragmented, with just a few words per sentence and the writing being oriented all over the page.

For the second half of us show we all competed individually doing the usual Takeshi’s Castle games and I managed to make it through to the final round where you drive around a small car, but instead of attempting the objective I just drive away from the competition with the air hostess.