Untitled Dream 27

Published: Aug 9, 2020
Reading time: 2 min

I was with a friend when he mentioned there was a local Lego museum located near an airport in a desert that had amazing displays. I drove us there through long empty roads and some displays were so large they were housed in hangers with open top roofs with the exhibits sticking through. One was a huge T-rex and there was also a collection of photorealistic planets. The main building of the museum was a fancy hotel with staff dressed to match. As we went round the museum my friend accidentally got a waxy dark red like substance stuck to the bottom his shoe. We went around a number of other exhibits, including some that weren’t open to the public yet, as the hotel staff would just let us in anywhere. After going behind the scenes a few times we were both right grabbed from behind by a strong and burly museum guard who said hed been hunting us down as we’d been spreading baryonic fluid around the hotel. We had no idea what this was but my friend had been leaving footprints on the floor as we walked around. After we were forcefully kicked out of the museum, and went to a different floor of the hotel like structure where there were a number of models, catwalks and dressing rooms. Again we were welcomed with open arms, I ended up sitting in a ridiculously padded bench tops chair that you could barely sit in talking with models getting ready. My friend awkwardly tried to seduce one of the models who I happened to know from school while she was busy doing her own thing.