Untitled Dream 26

Published: Jul 28, 2020
Reading time: 2 min

Me and my friend had planned a trip up to the north of the country for a long weekend with our girlfriends as a kind of double date.

We stopped off on the way at a wholesale shop like Costco for some food supplies. After shopping we put our items on the conveyor belt but they kept on falling through it into a freezer compartment below the belt.

To return to the car in the carpark we had to take a lift down to the ground floor where a chav couple inside were arguing. As the lift went down, the frame of it began to extend and contact lengthways and would bend from side to side similar to a cornering bendy bus.

Eventually we got everything sorted but I needed to use the bathroom, the toilet inside was a big, old rustic thing crudely painted with dark green paint that had flaked and cracked. It was completely unusable as it was overflowing with reams of paper, shredded receipts and handwritten notes in the bowl and cistern. I took a few handfuls from the cistern and repaired the ballcock and it began to fill. I tried a test flush by twisting a handle made from a thick brass pipe and the whole toilet clunkily shifted like a transformer, eventually ejecting a drawer from the bottom containing a gold rimmed ceramic bowl filled with jewelry.