Untitled Dream 25

Published: Jul 21, 2020
Reading time: 1 min

I was in an underwater subterranean school for gifted children that had sent out it’s invitations via secret radio waves that I happened to pick up while working in a small fishing town.

I had an interview with the robotic AI headmistress and she allowed me to attend but didn’t like that my views weren’t in line with hers and would keep a close eye on me.

This school was very futuristic but sparsely furnished and had movable floors that could raise and lower in certain areas that would allow for spontaneous beds on a designated napping floor, beanbag couches on a gaming floor, and chairs and tables on a tabletop games floor.

It has 5 floors descending into the earth’s crust and 5 floors that extended up into the atlantic ocean from the sea bed in a glass tower. These floors has changeable colour schemes to match what they offered, the tabletop floor was yellow, the napping floor was brown and cream coloured.

The reason for the school existing at all was up gather up the brightest minds in the world to help change the lives of some fish like creatures who were dying out and blamed humans for their predicament. They always hid behind their robotic avatars though.