Untitled Dream 24

Published: Jul 15, 2020
Reading time: 1 min

I was in an airport waiting lounge during World War 2 in a country in central Europe. Equipment was being handed out to a large group of recruits like me.

I was given a heavy large metal helmet that neatly entirely blocked out all surrounding noise, a large wooden assault rifle with multiple small magazines on either side that would jam if you held the trigger down for too long and a heavy green trench coat that was splattered with mud and blood.

To test the equipment we all stood in a line and would fire on captured targets that would be wheeled out into the airports apron.

The first target was a dull-bronze coloured submarine that had been graffitied with spray paint. The second was a plane similar to a spitfire only triple the size.

After testing the equipment we formed into groups in a waiting lounge. While resting, I accidentally stood on the hand of someone in my group who was sitting on the floor but couldn’t hear them cry out so another squad member had to indicate what I’d done as I apologised.