Untitled Dream 21

Published: Jun 18, 2020
Reading time: 2 min

I was in a sparsely decorated white Japanese style house, with a few pieces of pale beech furniture dotted around. An older woman who could have been a neighbour came to the door and started a argument with me for no real reason, citing things that I couldn’t have done. I learned that this was whenever I created any light source, she would enter the house uninvited and start arguing with me

We later met in public with other people around, such as my parents she’d explain in detail about how stubborn, aggressive and nonsensical I was being and trying to get them to side with her.

Every time I tried to turn on any house lights, or attempted to cook or watch anything she’d enter the gloomy house, grow in size to about 6 metres tall and smash apart the house like a physics simulation, then while still huge encase my body with hers. While this was going on I’d be unable to move and be utterly terrified. When it got light outside again, she’d shrink back to her usual size and leave.

During this, while unable to move my perspective shifted to that of a tiny black cat that I owned and I was having a seizure every time this happened and I was unable to move. The cat was narrating the experience like a naive child watching a documentary.