Untitled Dream 19

Published: Jun 13, 2020
Reading time: 2 min

I was in a business school type setting taking with about 15 other students and a teacher who looked like Alan Sugar who took everything very seriously and had a short temper.

In our last lesson we had to invent and present a fictional company. My company was called SN Xe and we supplied internet connections, no matter the location. But he price was insane, but we’d get you the speed you wanted, anywhere.

I was in the process of designing the logo, which was drawn on a type of smart paper that was textured like coarse woven fabric, used a stylus but had a basic web browser built in. I managed to navigate from the drawing app to the internet but there was a bug in the application where your unsaved work wasn’t saved so I had no work to present by the end of the alloted time.

While everybody else was presenting terrible ideas (like all of KSI’s videos on an enormous DVD boxset), I went to the bathroom which was located along a canal towpath for whatever reason. When I came back a classmate from high school had tried to help me and “finished what I’d started” with my logo by completing the letters SN Xe to read SNaKe complete with a derpy looking snake.

Alan Sugar ripped into me saying my fictional company was a con and nobody even cared about the Internet when there were options like watching TV and DVDs instead.