Untitled Dream 17

Published: May 16, 2020
Reading time: 1 min

I was in a sweet shop in a city like Amsterdam but by a coast. My girlfriend had picked out 3 random jelly type sweets and I was looking for something with more bite and flavour.

The first item was a chocolate bar like munchies or a kinder bar, I don’t recall the second but the last thing I decided on was an old item from the back of a freezer that looked like a large double-width pack of light green aa batteries, there were maybe 30 in the pack and they were apparently Turkish delight flavoured ice cream sticks.

When I tried to pay my selection was over the note value of the cash we had together so I had to go rooting through my change in my pockets and produced small rectangular metal coin type tokens with strange values like 4 euros and 13 kroner.

Throughout the process the woman behind the counter was saying that nobody had bought the item in a while, but that they were good choices as I brought each item to the counter.