Untitled Dream 12

Published: Jan 31, 2020
Reading time: 1 min

I was in south Korea, seeming to tangle with assassins who mistakenly thought I was somebody else.

Late at night, I ride a motorbike down the motorway and there was be a large scale accident involving multiple cars that I just rode through, ducking paramedics, firefighters and police.

The police yelled at me for riding through such a place at such a time and not wearing a helmet. One of the paramedics yelled at me that I’d be like one if the injured who was soon to be dead. At the slip road where I needed to go to go back to my accommodation there were a couple of spiked sentinels robots that were about knee height with metallic bodies and fins protruding from them. They seemed to magnetically be attracted to me and would drift towards me and my bike.

I avoided them and went back to a backup house but couldn’t get in as the owner was away, so spent the night walking around until the sun rose and he came back.

I tried jumping from a ledge where I was hiding waiting for the owner but just jumped straight up instead of forwards and down.

The man’s possessions were just a folded dress, a couple of keys and a book.