Untitled Dream 11

Published: Jan 28, 2020
Reading time: 1 min

Me and my girlfried are driving to a friend’s house in an old transit van towing a bathtub, as you do. We were driving through winding country roads and down steep hills so decided to ride the bathtub down the slalom of a hill as it was on wheels and could be steered.

We put the van into neutral and let it follow us down the hill. Once we arrived at the town at the bottom of the hill we dodged a couple of chavs crossing the road on a red light in the bath and pulled over into a lay-by to wait for the van but it didn’t come so we figured it had gotten stuck on a corner so my girlfriend rode her bike back up the hill while I waited at the bottom and changed my socks for whatever reason.

While waiting, my friend drove by on his triumph bike followed by the police at high speed. Shortly after this, my girlfriend drove by slower, on her old red bike following the police driving past me, van nowhere to be seen.