Untitled Dream 9

Published: Oct 21, 2019
Reading time: 1 min

I was in a comic book store in York with friends and needed the bathroom. The only toilet available was a popup tent for some reason that was already occupied by a child who was having trouble but wouldn’t get off.

We waited and waited until eventually trying to find another toilet. Eventually I found an open but abandoned looking toilet under a stone staircase on a hill. There were no stalls and it was laid out like a bus but with toilets instead of seats. There was a middle aged woman in there too but we both just did our business. The bus type contraption then set off, sloshing passengers and contents all around. I mopped things up with my jacket but things were still a mess.

As we continued the driver picked up more passengers but wouldn’t let anybody off. Eventually the bus was about half full and people were talking and having a generally good time. We eventually got to the terminus which was a hospital in York for whatever reason.

Me and one of the guys inside were having an argument about one of the other passengers boyfriends, who looked Scandinavian but we weren’t sure where from specifically.