Untitled Dream 3

Published: Mar 12, 2019
Reading time: 1 min

My dad came to me with a collection of beetroots for whatever reason and asked about picking them but I didn’t know the process.

I joked that there was a quest in runescape and we could compare the process so I signed in and went to Varrock to see the beetroot quest giver.

As I collected ingredients required I went around a Lidl layout store using Runescapes movement system. After I’d collected everything I needed to, I went back to the quest giver and inadvertently attacked her instead instead of taking to her by using left click.

She took this as a slight and chased me, attacking me until I died even while using prayer, subsequently dropping all my gear.

I respawned at the Wizards Tower in Draynor and started walking back before thinking ‘fuck it’ and logging out to leave all my gear to despawn.