Untitled Dream 2

Published: Mar 10, 2019
Reading time: 1 min

I was at work but left for some reason way earlier than I was supposed to, with the intention of picking up some lunch ingredients.

I went to a petrol station to collect the goods I needed but while there saw a girl from High school who didn’t recognize me. I forgot what I needed and after dismantling my bag to try to find a list I eventually left.

I walked to the next larger supermarket in Halifax but it started to rain, on the way I was following a wall under tree cover and an old Volvo car served massively as I was in my way.

While walking I followed another person from high school for a long period of time ago and he asked if I was following him.

When I said no he stated to explain a story about the fastest local runner and how his name was engraved in stone and how he could be called on if somebody needed to pass on messages. For whatever reason he was called ‘Otley Moon Seven’.