Downgrading LibreElec, skipping compatibility checks

Published: Dec 19, 2018
Reading time: 1 min
Tags: HTPC Kodi Linux Snippets Software 

I run Libreelec on my ODROID-C2 SBC as a HTPC. The combination work surprisingly well and I rarely have any issues. Perhaps stupidly however, I updated from the stable 8.2.5 to the latest beta build to try out the RetroPlayer functionality. Long story short, this didn’t pan out so well and I ended up in SAFE MODE with not a whole lot working.

I tried downgrading using addons but this also gave me some grief with compatibility checks. The error I was receiving was because I was using an arm compile of the software, but I was trying to install aarch64 which is perfectly compatible with the C2 board but not according to the compatibility check.

So, to manually downgrade, ssh into your board while in safe mode.

ssh root@libreelec

Your default root password will intuitevely be libreelec.

Then navigate to your upgrade directory:

cd /storage/.update/

Grab the latest stable version of the software:


And disable the compatibility check on upgrade via:

touch .nocompat

Lastly, reboot, and enjoy your hopefully stable LibreElec installation.


I noticed watched status and a few of my settings had defaulted but aside from this everything worked perfectly. Rejoice!